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Maxwell Gichuhi, Founder & Lead Coach, MG Consulting

I must say for the last 2 years, working with Vyemma Virtual Assistants has been pure bliss. Their meticulous and professional execution and impeccable customer support towards our clients has left our clients fulfilled and endeared to us. We highly recommend them to any organization, entity, or individual looking for executive admin services and world-class client relations.

Sheba Njagi, Former CEO , Roarke & Bartley

Anne is diligent in her work. She is highly skilled in administrative and operations roles, when given the task she executes with excellence. While I worked at Roarke, she managed the decor set up of an end of year cocktail flawlessly. I didn’t have to think about how things were going because she had grasped the concept perfectly. She has provided me with good Virtual Assistant services at GoForth helps things move forward. I highly recommend her services.

Vyemma applied a self-started approach to problem solving which helped resolve issues right at the beginning. Working remotely can create quite a few challenges but the output of completed projects exceeded significantly